жильё,аренда , ресторан-отели в Midi Пиренеи

    It is the successful wedding of a quality hosting and a generous table. It is a place where your hosts have the passion of their profession and put a sense of honor to welcome you as you deserve it.
    Completed for a restful and gourmand stopping place
25 в Midi Пиренеи.
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фотография de Hôtel CARAYON
  • Низкий сезон 43€ к 91€
  • Средний сезон 48€ к 96€
  • Высокий сезон 54€ к 102€
  • Ресторан Меню 14 к 54 &евро;
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ресторан-отели в Saint-Sernin-sur-Rance


Mr Carayon Pierre PLACE DU FORT 12380 Saint-Sernin-sur-Rance (Aveyron)
телефон : 05 65 98 19 19  - факс : 05 65 99 69 26
Between Albi and Millau, near of Viaduc de Millau and Caves de Roquefort in a small village, you will find gastronomy and a warm welcome associated with leisure equipment for the pleasure of ...
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