Concert : trio désorientez-moi

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CONCERT : Trio Désorientez-moi

the Wednesday 15 February 2012 COMDT 31000 Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) 5 rue du Pont de Tounis - 31000 Toulouse
Phone : 05 34 51 28 38
Open website http://www.conservatoire-occitan.org Sylvain Roux, fifes (alto and bass), voice, Masako Ishimura, Japanese flutes, Shadi Fathi, setar, tar, daf, voice. The trio offers confuse me to mix the song, poetry and music of three cultures: Japan, Persia and Occitan, all this against a backdrop of improvised folk music. As part of the twinning with George Sand in Toulouse, Comdt offers artist residencies that enable the participation of college students to artistic creation through awareness workshops and practice. Concert at 18h
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  • Hôtel Anatole France 46 Place Anatole France 31000 Toulouse from 55.00 Euros

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  • Hôtel De Brienne 20 Bd Du Maréchal Leclerc 31000 Toulouse from 60.00 Euros

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  • Le Grand Balcon Hotel 8-10 Rue Romiguieres 31000 Toulouse from 125.00 Euros

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  • Chambres d'Hôtes Les Murailles Les Murailles - Route de Grazac 31190 Auterive


  • Meublé margastau 310 chemin Margastau 82170 Dieupentale

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