Stage : danses de bigorre et béarn : regards croisés

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STAGE : Danses de Bigorre et Béarn : regards croisés

from March 24 2012 to March 25 2012 COMDT 65800 Aureilhan (Hautes-Pyrénées) 65800 Aureilhan
Phone : 05 34 51 28 38
Open website http://www.conservatoire-occitan.org Powered by Mone Guilcher, Lionel and Mary Magdalene Dubertrand Laucoin Facilitators offer an internship in the form of travel, encounters and exchanges. The repertoire presented will focus on the chain dances and online Béarn and Bigorre (excluding jumps) based on surveys Guilcher Jean-Michel (1941, 1962-1972) and from those, later, of Marinette Aristow-Journoud and Christiane musketeer. Mone Guilcher has a child from the experience of ethnographers and dancers of her parents, she extends herself by studying anthropology and a regular teaching dance. His interest in dance history led him to delve into ancient texts from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century. Lionel is Dubertrand trainer dances Gascon. He witnessed the collectors of Biscay since 1990 and holds a master's degree in anthropology on the theme of traditional dances. Composer, singer, musician. Mary Magdalene is a musician and dancer Laucoin and supports regular workshops and dance workshops. Hours:14h-18h Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 14h to 16h.
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  • Hotel Foch 18 Place De Verdun 65000 Tarbes from 54.00 Euros

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  • LES YOURTES DU BEARN 136 RUE DE L'EGLISE- 64 460 PONTIACQ-VIELLEPINTE 64460 Pontiacq-Viellepinte

  • Hotel du centre 18 avenue maransin 65100 Lourdes

  • Chambres d'hôtes entre Gavarnie, Lourdes et Tarbes Les Jardins d'Hibarette 2 chemin du Turounnet - 65380 HIBARETTE 65100 Lourdes

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