Journée portes ouvertes du comdt + concert la talvera

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Journée portes ouvertes du COMDT + concert La Talvera

the Sunday 16 September 2012 COMDT 31000 Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) 5 rue du Pont de Tounis
Phone : 05 34 51 28 38
Open website http://www.conservatoire-occitan.org Sunday, September 16 from 10 a.m. open day of COMDT + concert La Talvera as part of European heritage days.
Theme 2012: Hidden heritage. Each year, on the occasion of European days of heritage, the COMDT opens its doors. Throughout the day the visits, activities, concerts, initiations and other demonstrations will allow you to discover the diversity of the activities of the COMDT. 18 h Concerts on the square by the students of the Department of traditional music at the Conservatoire of Toulouse Regional radiation. Free entry. Full day program available on the website of COMDT early September. 8: 30 pm Memoria secreta. Memory secret. The Talvera Daniel Loddo, craba, diatonic accordion, caramel, vocals, Céline Ricard, vocals, Fife, graïle, Fabrice Rougier, clarinet, cacarot, Sergio Saraniche, bass guitar.
Amagat, escondut, rescondut, estremat... the words abound in occitan to evoke what is hidden or that we hide us, that it is secret, and to strive to find, discover and invent as we exhume a tresaur on the edge or on the talvera beaten memory. Pearls of words and stories, colars, cançons colorats, musical diamonds out of extraordinary instruments, rhymes and rhythms, richness of the stamps legends... the Talvera, musicians honor band, fly and uproot al trauc del debrembier (to the hole of oblivion) the most beautiful of these jewels to scatter them and distribute als four winds of the world. Let you lead, curious and astonished, through the unsung maze of the recantons of Occitania. Single rate €5 Rens. COMDT 05 34 51 28 38 contact@conservatoire-occitan.org www.conservatoire-occitan.org
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