De mémoire et de paix

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De Mémoire et de paix

from October 12 2017 to November 25 2017 Marie LE COZ 81540 Sorèze (Tarn) Rue Saint Martin
Phone : 05 63 50 86 38  - Fax : 05 63 50 86 00
Open website http://www.abbayeecoledesoreze.com Exhibition in foreshadowing of the 21rst and 22 nd October 's confernce 'teach the great war'

Emmanuel Delandre introduces a photographic tour of France paying tribute to the choice made by some municipalities, to condemn the absurdity of war and to celebrate the peace be upon their steles. Evoking the great war without glorifying death, recalling its tragic human toll in modest terms of silence, contemplation and the duty of remembrance, exposure is a work of celebration of peace that could apply to any conflict.
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  • Domaine de Château de Garrevaques Château De Garrevaques 81700 Revel from 180.00 Euros

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  • Domaine De Rasigous Rasigous 81290 Castres from 105.00 Euros

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  • Hôtel De France 2 Avenue Frederic Mistral 11400 Castelnaudary from 50.00 Euros

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  • HOTEL DE FRANCE 2 ave Frédéric Mistral 11400 Castelnaudary

  • Hotel Cuq en Terrasses Cuq le chateau 81470 Cuq-Toulza

  • camping le martinet rouge chemin dep 203 11390 Brousses-et-Villaret

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