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    Leisure parks and Wildlife parks
    Amateur of big shivers or sweeter sensations, you will inevitably find a park of leisure at your convenience. Scenic railways of amusement parks in the playful or instructive walks of parks with subject, it is the ideal activitie in family or between friends.

    The animal world is in your range with the wildlife parks. Mysteries of the seaworld, with aquariums, to the wild animals of other lands in zoos by way of animal husbandry of lamas, of fallow-deer, of harts or of ostriches, discover all fauna while sharing an instant in family.

2 dans le Tarn.
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Wildlife / Leisure center in Montredon-Labessonnié

Zoo des 3 vallées

Ferrara Sauveur chemin du val d'Agout 81360 Montredon-Labessonnié (Tarn)
Phone : 05 63 75 11 11

Wildlife / Leisure center in Le Garric

Parc de Loisirs et Aventure - Cap' Découverte

M. BERTEL IKARIE 81450 Le Garric (Tarn)
Phone : 05 63 80 15 15
Lovers of thrill-seekers, curious in search d´evasion, discover 100 hectares in the wilderness a multitude d´activites sports and fun: Skate Park, zip-line giant, nautical ski, Paint-ball...
The ...
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