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Portail des Créateurs

Les Créateurs du Portail Peint Portail Peint 12 Grand rue Raymond VII 81170 Cordes-sur-Ciel (Tarn)
Tel : 06 79 34 76 87  - Mobiel : 06 71 32 04 02
Site bekijken In the entrance(entry) of the medieval city(estate) of Ropes on sky, the Gate(Portal) Paints or Door of the East be a part four doors of the surrounding wall(speaker) built between 1222 and 1229. Strategic place of defence, he(it) was then transformed into house then rehabilitated(discharged) by the Association of the Friends of the old man Ropes. He(it) sheltered for a long time the Portal museum, situated today Door of the Elms.
In a participative and united step(initiative) Artists and Creative craftsmen invest(surround) this place loaded with history(story), the Gate(Portal) of the Creators was born.

This short-lived and participative place where mix materials and know how to make, invites on the meeting of the creators

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