Festival résistances

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Festival Résistances

от 09 Июль 2010r. до 16 Июль 2010r. melle Prescyllia Duval 09000 Foix (Ariège) 24 avenue du Général de Gaulle
телефон : 05 61 65 44 23
смотреть на сайте http://festival-resistances.fr In Foix, cinema helps us to think about our contemporary world.

The « Résistances  Festival » is meant to be a place for self-expression and alternative meetings about cinema. During nine days, we organize both film screenings and public debates with the film directors, focusing on four main themes:

The water issue
The relations between men and women today
the contemporary social movements, and how to think it all over again
Work & health

The 2010 oficial selection sounds very rich and eclectic. It is based on 100 films, mainly recent fictions or documentary films, and also some classical films.

Résistances wants to be like an illustrated trip, with films coming from all countries, and this year a special focus on Iranian cinema.

Practical informations :

- The Francas association from the region of Foix can welcome and look after your children between 3 and 11 years old for free, from 10 am to 6 pm.

- Every morning at 10 am, the festival organizes a special screening for children, followed by a cinema class.

- Every day a film director talks about his career and his favorite themes, around a cup of coffee.

- Every night, you can have a drink while listening to a live concert. An outdoor screening is also programmed.

- Film screenings are also organized in the next surrounding villages : Saurat, Ax-les-Thermes, Luzenac, Lavelanet, Betchat and Tarascon-sur-Ariège.

- Available on the spot in Foix : refreshment bar, restaurants and fast food, cd / books and dvd shops, associations stands.

Fares :

single ticket : 4€
Book of 10 tickets : 30€
adult badge : 50€
Young badge (under 18 years old) : 10€

  • Hôtel Balladins Foix Z.A. Nord 09000 Foix начиная с 38.00 &евро;

    забронируйте  Hôtel Balladins Foix
  • Auberge Les Myrtilles Col Des Marrous - Le Bosc 09000 Le Coux et Bigaroque начиная с 73.00 &евро;

    забронируйте  Auberge Les Myrtilles
  • Hotel Confort 3 Quai Armand Sylvestre 09400 Foix начиная с 35.00 &евро;

    забронируйте  Hotel Confort
  • La maison du meunier Gîte rural La Mouline 09400 Alliat

  • maison cancela en haute ariege lieu dit tura 09220 Siguer

  • Belrepayre retro trailer park Belrepayre 09500 Manses 09500 Manses

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