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Clin d'Oeil d'Ariège Pyrénées
Photographies de sports de pleine nature en Ariège.


Vols en Montgolfière
Take to the airs! Free yourself from your routine!
Flights can be organised all year long, on days where the weather conditions are favourable.
Whether it’s to fulfil your childhood dream, or an original gift idea (birthday, wedding, retirement, Christmas, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day…) the hot air balloon ride is the idea you’re looking for to share an unforgettable experience.


Ecole de parapente en Ariège "zéphir"
In the french Pyrenees, at the boundary with Spain, Zephir's paragliding school and his team, welcome you in a gorgeous environment. You will discover the sky by flying. You could either do a tandem with an instructor, or join us for travelling and flying(Corsica, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Italy...)or learn how to paraglyde by yourself help by our instructors.
We also propose speed riding lessons during winter.
Our contact: 0033 (0)625791651.


Porfessionel du canyoning et de l'escalade en Ariège Pyrénées
Discover new sensations
Explore exceptionnal sites
With conditions adapted to your level
Enjoy yourself under full safety
Maël Loizance, independant and passionned climbing and canyoning instructor.
All year round, outings, excursions, multiple themed days, organised foreign voyages, to perfect your aptitudes

фотография de Canoë et Rafting en Ariège Pyrénées

Canoë et Rafting en Ariège Pyrénées
45 минутах езды от Тулузы и 5 мин Памье: La Belle Verte предлагает курсы Discovery, Уклонение или Bivouac Каноэ и рафтинг. В исключительном месте, открыть для себя на этом сайте разделяют семьи "Domaine Природа и Приключения», посвященная спорта на открытом воздухе. День боевики, Уайтуотер день, выходные ... называть свою программу с белым деятельность воды, приключения, прогулки и выбрать режим Тип размещения: типи, кемпинг или жилье.

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