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Château de Gramont

Visite.org 82120 Gramont (Tarn-et-Garonne)
The Gramont castle was built in the 14th century of very beautiful limestone over the ruins of a first castle of which only a fortified tower remains (the tower of Simon de Montfort). The current building has two distinct parts: a small Gothic castle-like structure at the entrance and a Renaissance wing with delicately carved mullioned windows. The wing opens onto a courtyard with a geminated door giving onto a staircase with ribbed vaulting. A large hall takes up almost all of the first floor. A spiral staircase with no central newel (an extraordinary technical feat) leads to the oratory. All the rooms have been refurnished and decorated with period art objects. The terraced garden has also been re-landscaped. It dominates the rolling countryside of Lomagne.
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