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    Guest house
    Practical and friendly, here is what summarizes the formula of guest houses. Whom you are only or in family, come to spend one or several nights at the inhabitant. It is as a friend that you will be welcomed by the host and the hostess who can make you discover the local specialities during the meals which will be proposed to you.
68 in Midi Pyrénées.
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foto di Chambre d'hôtes Fabul'House
  • Alta stagione 25€ a 35€

Camere in famiglia a Albi

Chambre d'hôtes Fabul'House

renault 61 avenue du maréchal foch 81000 Albi (Tarn)
Tel : 06 52 03 90 89
New su ALBI, gîte le Fabul'House urbane ** è a 5 minuti a piedi dal centro storico.
Possiamo ospitare fino a 15 persone nelle nostre 5 "sale". (prezzi da €25 a €60 /chambre)
Hai, con gli altri ...

Camere in famiglia a Trébas

Chambres d'hôtes Fournil Marietta

R. Marietta La Borde 81340 Trébas (Tarn)
Tel : 05 63 55 91 42  - Fax : 05 63 55 85 87
Our small farm about fifteen hectares full south is situated in 300m of height in the valley of the Tarn, the region of standing hillsides of sweet chestnut trees, over the village of Trébas.
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foto di villa mandarine
  • Bassa stagione 65€ a 85€
  • Alta stagione 75€ a 85€

Camere in famiglia a Albi

villa mandarine

jeambrun corinne 31 rue des jardins 81000 Albi (Tarn)
Tel : 05 63 47 22 24  - Cellulare : 06 73 02 24 50
Two nice and comfortable bedroom in one of the most beautiful house 1930 in Albi
foto di La Maison Soubiau
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Camere in famiglia a Guchan

La Maison Soubiau

LECLERC Maison Soubiau 65170 Guchan (Hautes-Pyrénées)
Tel : 06 72 61 27 69
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