Art and craft, Art, Craft and Gallery in Midi Pyrénées

    Arts and Crafts
    Meeting with fascinated craftsmen and artists talented height. They express their know-how through unique works according to their imagination and to their inspiration. For the public, the result is always a pleasant surprise... Only for the pleasure of your eyes!
44 in Midi Pyrénées.
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Art, Craft and Gallery in Uzech


Les Potiers Las Nofios 46310 Uzech (Lot)
Phone : 06 21 15 94 46
L'Oulerie accueille quatre potiers résidant à l'année, profitant d' ateliers indépendants et ayant l'opportunité d'exposer leurs travaux en commun dans une grande salle d'exposition de 130 m².

Art, Craft and Gallery in Marnaves


CHIODI NADIA LE BOURG 81170 Marnaves (Tarn)
Phone : 06 73 76 44 76

Art, Craft and Gallery in Najac

histoire de pots

Mme Sylvie Sallet 78 place du faubourg 12270 Najac (Aveyron)
Phone : 05 65 65 86 46
Pottery craft in one of the most beautiful villages of France. Culinary and decorative objects decorated by the specific technique of "Jasper" (ancestral technique imitating Jasper stone) and the ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Millau

Sculptures - Luminaires - Reliefs Muraux

Puel William 9 Rue de la Saunerie - 12100 Millau 12100 Millau (Aveyron)
Phone : 06 37 47 20 38

Art, Craft and Gallery in Clermont


CLEMENT PEYRUC 09420 Clermont (Ariège)
Phone : 05 61 04 48 67  - Mobile phone : 06 80 56 25 68
Je crée des objets d'Art en bois (essences diverses) tables,lampes,trophés sportifs,boites....je travaille sur commande,mes pièces sont uniques

Art, Craft and Gallery in Nogaro

ACRO'ART Atelier de restauration/ Conservation d'oeuvres d'art et création

Audrey guion 40 rue Nationale 32110 Nogaro (Gers)
Phone : 05 62 08 30 78  - Mobile phone : 06 79 04 42 13
Workshop on Conservation and Restoration of works of art. Outlines of creative arts: bullfighting, floral and others. references to oil paintings, watercolors, photographs etc .... All rates are ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Moissac

Le pot à l'envers - poteries/céramiques

Terres Neuves du Sud-Ouest 1 place Durand de Bredon 82200 Moissac (Tarn-et-Garonne)
Phone : 05 63 39 82 51
The association Terres Neuves Southwest permanent exhibit 12 potters/ceramists of the region in the Gallery "The pot upside down" unique creations stoneware, pottery, raku, porcelain... sculptures, ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Najac

Couteau Le Najac

Régis Najac 18 rue du bourguet 12270 Najac (Aveyron)
Phone : 06 73 84 56 36
The Najac is a creation of Régis Najac (it is not a nickname but many a name ) However, this is a knife "of legend... From the Xlll century and the troubadour Peyrot Vidal de Najac, he was ...
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